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Originally Posted by linguas.amo View Post
Well, I am doing the inaugural draft the long way haha but it is fun. That would be great because it seems to be just the word doc when I download it. The parks have the same problem too, I think. they haven't been zipped. Do I also delete the AL if I have moved all the teams to the NL? Finally, the teams have irregular rosters. Some have 11 players and some have 15 or even 18 players on their rosters. I thought it would be wise to hold an 11 round draft and the rest of the players would be signed as free agents.
I checked the 1871 league and for some reason it is a gb. Not sure which files are that large. I beleive all the saves from the other years are less than that.
But setting it up yourself might actually be more helpful in the long run.
As far as the AL, do not delete the AL but you will have to turn off playoffs or set up a custom playoff. Otherwise the game might crash because there is no team from the AL to play in the playoffs.

It would depend on how you are playing regarding the irregular rosters.
The guide is ment more for people who want to have players on the correct teams. Some teams had only 11 players back then. But keep in mind some teams folded during the season so not having 15 players didnt matter. Thats were the transaction file comes in handy. It follows the real league transaction. So you should not run into not enough active players on roster. At least i didn't but you may need to adjust fatigue and turn injuries down.
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