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Personnel Breakdown

Each team is based in one of the biggest population hubs in the region. Balin's Hold, Carren Keep, and Iron Hill are the capitals of the three Dwarf Kingdoms. Shurkul is the largest orc settlement in the area, while Red Hawk is the oldest none dwarf city in the region. Newham is the newest city, a bastion of human tradition that was created after orcs moved to the region.

Each team is owned by a member of the ruling race of their city. Newham and Red Hawk being human, Shurkul being orcish, and the other three dwarven. However the general managers, head coaches, and players of each area did not necessarily line up so cleanly.

Dwarfs maake up the majority of GM's, unsurprising considering that dwarves know hockey the best out of all the races and wold likely be considered the most qualified to put together a program. The Shurkul Ice Wolves and Red Hawk Flyers went out and recruited dwarfs to head up their programs, while Carren Keep and Balin's Hold gave the GM position to longtime residents. Newham stayed within their comfort zone and hired a human, while the Iron Hill Bruisers also picked a human to run their organization.

On the coaching front it was humans who took the bulk of the positions. Only the Carren Keep Bruisers did not choose a human head coach, instead opting for orc, Eugene Alog. These hirings made Carren Keep the most diverse front office with representation from all three races, while Newham showed their true colors keeping things all human. The other 4 teams had a healthy mix.

Newham's preference for humans did not stop at their front office either. On the ice the Frozen Fury sport a roster of no less than a dozen humans, including their captain and both alternates. I pity the orc and dwarf who signed contracts to play with this team.

Surprisingly Newham is not the most human team however. That designation goes to Iron Hill who have 13 actives on their roster who are neither orc nor dwarf. However, these seems to be far less about quotas and more about actual skillset than the Newham team who might very well have sacrificed skill for comfort.
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