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1900 DHL Season Preview

With the Dragonheart Hockey League season about to get underway, the 3 Kings Cup favorites appear to be the Balin Hold Raiders, led by the 28 year old dwarven defenceman Bhalmek Thuldrun. The Raiders will be the team to beat this year, but they can expect challenges from the Iron Hill Bruisers and Viktor Brokil's Red Hawk Flyers.

Among the darkhorses, the Shurkul Ice Wolves stand out as a possible challenger, if Bergrom Grilkohm can have a big year he might push his team into contention.

The scoring race will likely see the 31 year old dwarf, Grilkohm challenged by Raider Nathan Burke and the orcish Jesse Lorbumol of the Carren Keep Blades.

The top defenseman is generally considered to be Thuldrun, with Bunrum Dolnom of Iron Hill and the Newham Frozen Fury captain Melvin Griffith also in the running.

And in new the Shurkul Ice Dogs appear to have a distinct advantage with arguably the two best goalies in the league in 8'1 Ray Glush and 4'5 Gerdus Kharnar, while the Flyers' Grilgus Thardrom can also steal games for his team.
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