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A History of Hockey in Pinst

The Pinst Mountains have been the ancestral seat of the dwarfs for millennia. As long as there have been dwarfs in Hernigsah there have been dwarfs in the Pinst Mountains. As the dwarven population grew the dwarfs buried deeper and deeper toward the middle of the mountain homes. Sometimes they would hit underground water tunnels and cause leaks in the chasms and the frigid air in the mountain would freeze the standing water. It did not take the dwarfs long to learn the best way to move across the ice were to create ice skates and it became a part of the Pinst dwarfs culture to learn how to ice skate from a young age. Obviously hockey came not to long after and the game quickly became dwarfs favorite recreational activity.

300 years ago King Balin created the first ever organized hockey event. A semi annual event was held between the three dwarven kingdoms of the Pinst Mountains. The winner of the round robin event would be rewarded with the 3 Kings Trophy, crafted by Balin himself. After Balin passed the tournament lost steam and was only played sparingly until being completely forgotten about. Though hockey remains as popular among dwarfs as ever and they were quick to teach the game to the orcs who cared to learn.

The physicality of the sport quickly enamored it within the orcish people and before long the orcs were able to compete with their dwarven counterparts. The native Pinst humans have been playing hockey for several decades as well, but it was the southern humans who had the idea to start keeping track of statistics and attempted to form the first ever official hockey league.

A coalition of dwarfs, orcs, and humans came together and a group of six leaders (3 dwarfs, 2 humans, and 1 orc) were chosen to create their own team and to recruit talent for the original six teams of the newly formed Dragonheart Hockey League. For the first time ever members of the three separate species would be playing hockey alongside each other as teammates. For hockey fans in Hernigsah it truly is a special time to be alive.
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