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World History

The Land of Hernigsah is not unlike many other fantasy realms you may have crossed in the past. Long ago there were dragons, wars between races, and adventurers scouring the countryside in search of fame and fortune.

All the races seemed to hate each other and isolate themselves whenever possible, but there was no group more universally hated than the orcs. And it all came down to food. Humans developed an agricultural system that allowed them to settle down and create cities. Elves sustain themselves off very little, and dwarfs eat mostly mushrooms and meats that they can find abundantly in and around their mountain homes. Orcs however were constantly at war with other species, specifically humans, to commandeer their food supplies and remain the apex predators in their mind.

Then everything changed when the a group of orc sympathizers took the old "give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for his life" proverb to heart and set out to teach the orcs how to farm and grow their own crops. This led to a boom in the orc population as for the first time in history they were able to settle and create their own communities. And for a short period it looked as though Hernigsah may be about to enter a Golden Age of peace. But racist bigotries could not be held back and the generation who saw orcs as a growing threat took preemptive strikes against them and began to attack and destroy Orcish communities.

The elves and many humans banded together in an alliance in a great war that killed many orcs and human sympathizers until the majority of surviving orcs fled north to the Pinst Mountains. The allied humans and elves felt that the native dwarfs of the region would finish the job for them and kill of the remaining orcs, but the Pinst Dwarfs were a surprisingly accepting people and did not feel threatened by their new neighbors. Orcs and man settled in the foothills of the Pinst Mountains and now many generations later we can safely say that we have finally reached the era of peace at long last.

Before the arrival of the orcs and their human allies there were native humans in the areas around the Pinst Mountains. While they were not as aggressive as southern men were against the orcs there was some bias there and this group was quick to distance themselves from their newfound neighbors. But the men who came to Pinst with the orcs were accepting of them and the two groups began to intermarry and reproduce until they effectively became their own mixed group. This new group of half-orcs began to name their young without surnames but with one human name and one orcish name to celebrate the two groups having come together as one people.
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