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To make things a little more interactive I wanted to create a way for you guys to have players in the game as well. Fill out this little bit of info below and I will add your player periodically into league history. Most likely I will just make each first overall draft pick a submission that way there is a much higher likelihood of your player achieving success.

Name: Human and Dwarf names are as expected. All Orcs native to this land traditionally give their young a human name and an Orcish name (ie, Oscar Womkug), see World History section below for explanation.
Race: Human, Dwarf, Orcish
Height (inches): Human 67-79, Dwarf 48-59, Orcish 87-99
Weight (pounds): Human and Dwarf 150-250, Orcish 200-300
Position: Be as specific or general as you want
Preferred Number: Go crazy
Favored Attributes: Pick two attributes from the sim and I will give your player a little boost.
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