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Sunday, May 4, 2003

Sacramento Solons (13-11 .542 4 GB tied for 3rd place in the PCL West) at
Portland Beavers (17-7 .708 in 1st place in the PCL West)

SAC: Mike McLane (25-R 3-0 1.80) vs. POR: Bobby Johnson (24-R 3-2 3.23)

McLane is their #1 starter. He was the first overall pick in the 2001 B Leagues Draft, the year we took Fernando Mexicano with the 2nd pick. He has extensive injury troubles. In 2001, he managed to pitch all of 3 innings for the Solons. They were hitless innings and he struck out 3. In 2002, he did not pitch for the Solons at all. He had 4 starts in Calgary (A) with a 2.57 ERA. He is technically not a rookie, because the time he has spent on the DL counts as Major League service time, but those 3 innings in 2001 were the extent of his Major League experience before this season. His last start ended early with a sore back. SD Oscar Cervantes says he is the best pitch alive when he can go and he can go today, unfortunately....

Johnson, who was picked 12th in that same 2001 B Leagues Draft, has won his last 3 starts, though his most recent outing was not all that pretty. He walked 4 in 5 IP after we had thought his early season control troubles had been licked. He is averaging 5.0 BB/9 so far this season after averaging 2.1/9 in his first two seasons.

Lineups: Pos Name (Age-Bats BA-AB-HR-RBI-OPS DEF)
1: LF Harvey Turner (25-L .305-82-0-6-.788 92)
2: 1B Bob Swanson (32-L .233-43-1-6-.672 87)
3: RF Dennis Rayner (28-R .217-92-1-13-.535 39)
4: 2B Jim Holberton (25-L .200-35-1-6-.614 85) All-Star(01)/Gold Glove (01)
5: 3B Larry Pierce (30-L .245-94-3-10-.659 63)
6: CF Joaquin Hernandez (26-R .246-69-0-2-.677 64)
7: SS Angel Arana (27-R .333-84-0-8-.773 69)
8: C Ryushi Suzuki (25-R Major League debut 64) Rookie
9: P Mike McLane (25-S .083-12-1-3-.417 1)

1: RF Jerry Suazo (28-L .221-95-2-6-.594 91)
2: SS Dave Risinger (27-R .278-79-0-14-.824 88)
3: CF Brian Mitchell (22-L .398-88-0-9-.948 75)
4: 1B Glenn Snowden (26-R .377-77-6-25-1.183 70) Silver Slugger/2-time All-Star(MVP)/Gold Glove(01)
5: LF Carlos Lopez (28-L .244-41-0-7-.604 70)
6: C Rick Mansoor (29-R .275-40-0-11-.681 77)
7: 3B A.J. Lee (23-R .333-33-2-7-.917 92)
8: 2B Juan Rojas (24-S .228-79-0-9-.548)
9: P Bobby Johnson (24-R .111-9-0-1-.322 1)

Game Start: 1:05 PM
Ballpark: Metropolitan Stadium
Weather: 57 F, Partly Cloudy, with an 8 MPH wind blowing in from center
Attendance: 19,792

Top of the First:
Harvey Turner swings at a 3-2 pitch and flies out to left. Bob Swanson flies out to center. Dennis Rayner grounds a hit to center. He steals 2nd. Jim Holberton flies out to seep right!

Bottom of the First:
Jerry Suazo grounds out to short. Dave Risinger grounds a hit to right. He gets thrown out stealing on a pitchout... Brian Mitchell grounds out to 2nd. I don't think we will score double digits for a third game in a row...

Bottom of the third:
With 1 out, Jerry Suazo lines a hit to right. P Mike McLane has an injury and has to leave. New Pitcher: Ken Moller (26-L) with a 3.24 ERA in 16.2 IP. Dave Risinger grounds into a force at 2nd, 1-6, and SS Angel Arana is hurt and has to leave the game. Dale Cave (30-R), a first baseman is in to play short... Brian Mitchell pops out to center.

Editor's Note: Arana is the only player on the team rated for SS....

Bottom of the Fourth:
Glenn Snowden grounds a hit to right and goes to 2nd on a wild pitch. With 1 out, Rick Mansoor draws a walk. A.J. Lee takes a 3-2 pitch for strike three... Juan Rojas grounds a hit to center and Snowden scores! 1 to 0, Beavers!

Bottom of the Fifth:
With 1 out, Dave Risinger reaches on catcher's interference. Brian Mitchell lines a hit to right and Risinger beats the throw to 3rd. On the pitch after a pitchout, Mitchell takes off for 2nd. He is safe, but Glenn Snowden strikes out looking... 2 outs. Carlos Lopez pops out to short.

Top of the Eighth:
The Bullpen is ready. Harvey Turner walks. Bob Swanson lines a hit to left center. Dennie Rayner grounds into a force at 2nd, 5-4, and Turner goes to 3rd. Jim Holberton triples to left and both runners score... 2 to 1, Solons. Call to the Bullpen: Victor Alvarez (29-L). Larry Pierce lines a hit to left and Holberton scores... 3 to 1, Solons. Call to the Bullpen: Denny Jennissen (29-R). Joaquin Hernandez grounds a hit to right. Dale Cave grounds into a 6-4-3 double play!

Bottom of the Ninth:
New Pitcher: David Fuentes (26-R), their closer and our ex-reliever. He's 2-1 with 5 SV and a 1.98 ERA in 13.2 IP with 1 BB and 13 SO and 0 HR. In two seasons for us he never had an ERA under 3 for us. A.J. Lee grounds a hit to right. PH Fernando Mexicano (22-L) flies out to left. PH Oscar Trejo (30-R) grounds into a 6-4-3 double play....

Lost - 3 to 1

We had 7 hits (all singles) and made 1 error
Sacramento had 7 hits and made 1 error

Bobby Johnson (L 3-3) went 7.1 innings, allowed 3 runs, 5 hits, 3 walks and struck out 6. 125 pitches.

LHP Victor Alvarez faced 1 batter and allowed a hit.
RHP Denny Jennissen went 1.2 scoreless innings and allowed a hit.

Mike McLane went 2.1 scoreless innings, gave us 2 hits, 2 walks and struck out 1.
LHP Rick Iverson (W 1-0) went 2 scoreless innings, gave us 1 hits and struck out 1.
RHP David Fuentes (SV 6) pitched a scoreless 9th and gave us 1 hit.

1B Glenn Snowden had 2 hits and scored a run. C Rick Mansoor drew 2 walks.

The Solons announced that Mike McLane had bone spurs in his elbow and would miss 5 weeks or so. SS Angel Arana Had a strained back that would probably bother him for 3 or 4 days.

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