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1975 All-Star final voting and roster, SJL

Later today is the annual mid-season spectacular, the All-Star game matching the best of the Shoeless Joe League against the best of the Moonlight Graham League.

Let's take a look first at the final standings in the voting for the SJL and the All-Star game roster for that league.

The final tallies:
Name:  Capture 407.PNG
Views: 21
Size:  340.4 KB
Name:  Capture 408.PNG
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Size:  332.2 KB
Name:  Capture 409.PNG
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It's not a surprise that Boston right fielder was the top vote getter. The 1971 SJL MVP is on pace to put up the best season of his career at age 27. It is a bit of surprise that two catchers finished higher than Erik Buonopane but this is partly a reflection of some slippage in the 28-year old San Antonio superstar's game but also the emergence of several other catchers in the game. There were some very close races here- second base for instance, where veteran star Jared Hancock barely held off a challenge from first year WPK player Xiao-mei Mah, and both left field and center field, where the simple reality is that there just really weren't any standout players. But then there was shortstop, where 24-year old Bud Lindsay blew away the competition, as could be expected from the San Antonio team captain, when he can stay healthy, which sadly is all too rare thus far in his career.

And here is the final roster for the SJL:

Name:  Capture 410.PNG
Views: 21
Size:  357.4 KB
Name:  Capture 411.PNG
Views: 22
Size:  280.2 KB

Columbus and Boston, the two teams atop the SJL standings, predictably also have the most All-Stars at 6 apiece. Philadelphia and Jacksonville follow with 4 each. The expansion Chicago Fire send as their lone representative 32-year old starting pitcher Dennis Daniel. The aging and fragile knuckleballer gets his second career All-Star selection with the other one coming a decade ago (1965). And while he hasn't been bad this year, he likely only made it because someone needed to be named from his team. The same can probably be said of the hard throwing, control deficient, Chris Mazzola of the Houston Cavaliers. It is also Mazzola's second All-Star game.
Veteran closer Jamel McNeil is named to his 11th All-Star squad, the most of anyone chosen this year. A couple of other heralded veterans- starting pitcher Jake Harris and first baseman Nate Bennett, get their 9th AS nod. McNeil and Harris are pretty much sure Hall-of-Famers and Bennett, as the greatest power hitter of the early years of the WPK and a lifetime .309 hitter, is also a solid candidate. Jesus Casiano and Trevor Leach, a pair of veteran third basemen, head to their 8th All-Star game. Casiano is a sure HOF'er and Leach is still building a case at age 31. Brad Tesh is an All-Star for the 7th time and might be quietly building his own case for the Hall with 75 WAR at age 32 and still going strong. Erik Buonopane and Curtis Horah are now 6-time All-Stars, with 39-year old Jaime Schardein going to his 5th, as are Jared Hancock and Justin Vargas, two superstars in their prime.
Nine SJL All-Stars are first timers, including former Brewers Justin Bismark and Spencer Wilson (who is out with an injury) and Taiwanese import Xiao-mei Mah, who will surely see many more selections in his career.

The Denver Brewers of the W.P. Kinsella League--
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