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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

The Battle of First Place!

Oakland Oaks (13-7 .660 tied for 1st place in the PCL West) at
Portland Beavers (13-7 .650 tied for 1st place in the PCL West)

OAK: Hugo Lopez (27-R 2-1 2.81) vs. POR: Bobby Johnson (24-R 2-2 3.16)

Lopez is a tough pitcher to hit, but he led the PCL in walks last season with 121 and has walked 18 in 25.2 IP this year (6.3/9). In his last start, he walked 7 in 5.2 IP, but still got a win. He was 1-2 against us last season, but never walked more than 2 in a game.

Johnson has won his last two starts and the walk problems he had in his first 2 starts seem to be behind him. The question today will be whether he can continue to get Javy Puente and Tim Metts out. Combined, they are 4 for 44 (.091) with no home runs against Johnson over the past 2 seasons. Jeff Galka, their #5 hitter, who hit a home run yesterday, is 0 for 12. Johnson had a tendency to left the long ball bite him last year with 22 allowed. Mario Rodriguez, the Oaks' light hitting 2nd baseman is 10 for 15 against Johnson (.667).

Lineups: Pos Name (Age-Bats BA-AB-HR-RBI-OPS DEF)
1: CF Carl Folkers (25-L .175-80-1-10-.515 61) Rookie
2: RF Gregg Buckner (24-L .264-53-1-4-.713 48) Rookie
3: LF Javy Puente (32-S .200-70-2-7-.633 59) 2-time All-Star/Silver Slugger(01)
4:1B Tim Metts (26-L .313-67-7-20-1.126 26)
5: 3B Jeff Galka (34-R .229-70-6-15-.831 60)
6: 2B Mario Rodriguez (30-R .209-67-0-3-.452 81)
7: C Al Burrell (38-R .240-50-0-3-.601 27)
8: SS Mike West (23-R .273-66-0-3-.661 89) Rookie
9: P Hugo Lopez (27-R .100-10-0-0-.200 30

1: RF Jerry Suazo (28-L .203-79-2-6-.537 91)
2: CF Brian Mitchell (22-L .347-72-0-3-.808 75)
3: 3B Fernando Mexicano (22-L .300-70-4-12-.974 55) Silver Slugger
4: 1B Glenn Snowden (26-R .333-69-3-17-.984 70) Silver Slugger/2-time All-Star(MVP)/Gold Glove(01)
5: LF Carlos Lopez (28-L .348-23-0-7-.814 70)
6: C Jim Shippy (32-R .150-40-0-3-.365 61)
7: SS Dave Risinger (27-R .254-63-0-11-.786 88)
8: 2B Juan Rojas (24-S .225-71-0-8-.534 104)
9: P Bobby Johnson (24-R .125-8-0-1-.361 1)

Game Start: 7:05 PM
Ballpark: Metropolitan Stadium
Weather: 64 F, Clear Skies, with an 18 MPH wind blowing in from right
Attendance: 17,941

Top of the First:
Carl Folkers, a sub-.200 hitter, doubles off the center field wall.... Why can we not get hitters with a BA under .200 out? Gregg Buckner walks on 4 pitches... Who's this guy on the mound? Where is P Bobby Johnson? Javy Puente swings at a 3-2 pitch and flies out to deep right and Folkers tags up and beats the throw to 3rd. Tim Metts takes a 3-2 pitch for ball 4 to load the bases up with 1 out... Jeff Galka flies out to center and Folkers tags up and scores without a throw. 1 to 0, Oaks. Now we get to the dangerous hitter, Mario Rodriguez, a career .250 hitter, but 10 for 15 against Johnson. He grounds out to 3rd!!

Bottom of the First:
Wait him out, fellas! Jerry Suazo doubles to left center! Brian Mitchell doubles down the right field line and Suazo scores! Tie Game: 1 to 1. Fernando Mexicano grounds out to 2nd and Mitchell moves to 3rd. A runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs... A wild pitch scores Mitchell! 2 to 1, Beavers! Glenn Snowden walks. Carlos Lopez hits one a mile high out to deep right for out #2. Jim Shippy grounds out to short.

Top of the Second:
Al Burrell lines a hit to center. Mike West lines a hit to left... P Hugo Lopez bunts one down the 3rd base line, just like you are supposed to do in this situation, but he bunts it a bit too hard and Fernando Mexicano gets to it and fires to Dave Risinger at 3rd to get the force out! Carl Folkers, the .175 hitter, lines his 2nd hit of the game to right and West scores... Tie Game: 2 to 2. Gregg Buckner flies out to deep left. 2 outs. Javy Puente grounds out to 3rd!!

Bottom of the Third:

With 1 out, Brian Mitchell walks and then steals 2nd and 3rd on consecutive pitches. With the infield in, Fernando Mexicano bounces one through the left side for a hit and Mitchell scores! 3 to 2, Beavers! Glenn Snowden draws a walk. Carlos Lopez swings at a 3-2 pitch and misses. 2 outs. Jim Shippy strikes out... I am so tempted to call up that young catcher...

Top of the Fourth:

Al Burrell singles and Mike West beats out an infield hit... Johnson cannot get anybody out EXCEPT the 3-4-5 hitters.... And I just jinxed him for them... P Hugo Lopez lays down a bunt just like his last one and we get the force at 3rd again! Carl Folkers flies out to left! We get the .175 hitter out for the first time today! Greg Buckner walks to load the bases up with 2 outs.... That is 4 walks and 6 hits in 3.2 IP for P Bobby Johnson... He has walked more than Lopez! The Bullpen is up. Javy Puente pops out to center!!!! P Johnson is at 90 pitches...

Bottom of the Fifth:
With 1 out, Glenn Snowden walks for the third time today. Carlos Lopez swings at a 3-2 pitch and grounds into a force at 2nd, 4-6. 2 outs. Jim Shippy beats out an infield hit. Dave Risinger triples off the left center field wall and 2 runs are in!! 5 to 2, Beavers! That is his 4th triple of the season, matching his CAREER total coming into this season! They walk Juan Rojas intentionally. And we pinch hit for P Bobby Johnson. PH Oscar Trejo (30-R) is sent up. They make a pitching change. New Pitcher: Rick Nini (30-R), who has not allowed a run in 2.1 IP. He had a 2.35 ERA in 46 IP for Chicago last year, but his season ended in June with a torn rotator cuff. Trejo grounds a hit to right and Risinger scores! 6 to 2, Beavers! Jerry Suazo grounds out to the pitcher.

Bottom of the Seventh:

With 2 outs, PH Scott Plourde (24-S) makes his season debut. In 2001, he played in 10 games for the Beavers and went 2 for 37 (.054). He takes a 3-2 pitch for ball 4! Jerry Suazo draws a walk. Brian Mitchell lines a hit to center and Plourde scores! 7 to 2, Beavers! Fernando Mexicano swings at an 0-2 pitch and hits a home run down the left field line!!! 10 to 2, Beavers! Glenn Snowden walks for the fifth time today, the first player in the PCL to ever do that! One fella in the NL did it. Carlos Lopez grounds one to 1st, but Tim Metts tosses it over the pitcher's head for a a 2 base error. Jim Shippy flies out to center....

Won - 10 to 4

First Place!

We had 10 hits and made 1 error
Oakland had 9 hits and made 1 error

Bobby Johnson (W 3-2) went 5 innings, allowed 2 runs, 6 hits, 4 walks and struck out 1.
RHP Rich Larkin went 2 scoreless innings, allowed 1 walk and struck out 2.
RHP Denny Jennissen went 2 innings, allowed 2 runs (1 earned), 3 hits and and struck out 3.

Hugo Lopez (L 2-2) went 4.2 innings, gave us 6 runs, 7 hits, 5 walks (1 INT) and struck out 2. He threw a WP.

RF Jerry Suazo had 2 hits with a double and a walk and scored 2 runs. CF Brian Mitchell had 2 hits with a double and a walk, stole 2 bases, scored 3 runs and and had 2 RBI. 3B Fernando Mexicano had 2 hits with his 5th home run of the season, drew a walk, stole a base and had 4 RBI. 1B Glenn Snowden set the PCL record and tied the Major League mark with 5 walks, none of which were intentional. SS Dave Risinger hit a triple, drew a walk, scored a run and had 2 RBI. 2B Juan Rojas had a hit and a walk (INT). PH Oscar Trejo had a hit and an RBI. PH Scott Plourde, in his season debut, drew a walk and scored a run.

For Oakland, SS Mike West went 3 for 3 with a triple and a walk, scored 2 runs and had an RBI.

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