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Saturday, January 11, 2003

Trade #34

RP Jeff Gleason (25-R) to Baltimore for 3B A.J. Lee (23-R).

Gleason was just like Fuentes, except without the unhittable streaks....

Lee will take over the job vacated by Rich Cruz: backup infield and late inning defensive replacement for Fernando Mexicano at 3rd base. If he develops like SD Oscar Cervantes thinks he will, then he will be very useful indeed.

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Trade #35
Minor Deal
2B Steve Stone (19-R) to Boston for C Stan DiPrima (22-L)

Stone was part of our haul when we acquired Hartford (B) and Evansville (C). He is one of the youngest players we have and that usually marks someone as a player to watch. But SD Oscar Cervantes says he will never walk much.

DiPrima is nothing special, except he is a non-stationary catcher who has a little skill and is not a slacker, which is a rarity. You will probably never hear of him again.

Trade #36
RF Paul Moreland (21-L) to Sacramento for C Tim Higbee (20-S).

Moreland hit .311 with 50 doubles for Vancouver (A), but drew 26 unintentional walks and SD Oscar Cervantes says he never will learn to be patient at the plate. He was the #3 prospect in Baseball this past April

Higbee was the 5th overall pick in this year's B Leagues draft. He hit 26 HR at the age of 19 which is very impressive. Fernando Mexicano hit 27, but was a year older. The only knock on him his his defense leavers a lot to be desired. But catchers who can hit and are not immobile are hard to find. I wish I would have traded for Joe Taylor last year when I had the chance. The Denver Bears would have taken Kim Springer for him then, but won't even take Fernando Mexicano now.... Higbee is as slow as molasses, but he can outrun my pet 3-legged box turtle by a whisker.....

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