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Thursday, January 9, 2003

Trade #31
SP Joe Hoehn (27-R) to Seattle for RP Victor Alvarez (29-L).

In A Ball, Joe Hoehn was 34-18 with a 2.52 ERA over the past 2 seasons. But for Portland, he went 1-5 with a 6.91 ERA. There was quite a bit of interest in him around the league, but I decided to go for a rarity: a quality left-handed reliever.

Editor's Note: I did a search for left-handed relievers rated 3 stars or better. There are only 4 in all of Baseball... And two of them are slackers. Alvarez is the highest rated at 4 stars.

Alvarez is a unique individual: not only is he a rare quality left-handed reliever, but he was the only Colombian in the Major Leagues until rookie SP Emilio de la Torre joined the Denver Bears this season. SP Carlos de Santiago was drafted in the first round of this year's B Leagues Draft by the Brooklyn Dodgers and may be the 3rd Colombian in the Big Leagues this season.

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Trade #32

RP Garry Ayers (30-R) to Seattle for LF Carlos Lopez (27-L).

Ayers has been decent for us, but in our revamped Bullpen, he just will not do. He has walked 91 batters in 142.2 IP.

Lopez does not hit for much average and he strikes out a lot, but he will draw walks and hit some home runs and play sold defense in left. We needed a lefty bat on the bench for pinch-hitting duties, since we let Don Neumann go and traded away Rick Woodell, our two primary options last season.

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