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Monday, January 6, 2003

Time for the B Leagues Draft! The final B Leagues Draft of all time! The Major Leagues are taking over the B Leagues and the C Leagues and will draft from the D Leagues next January.

Just like last year, I come into the draft with 2 players I really want. Unlike last year, however, when we had the 5th pick and I thought I would land one of the two players but did not, I have no illusions of getting either this time around with the lucky 13th pick. But I am hoping we can maybe work out a trade for one or both after the Draft. The two players in question are P Mitch Bagley (21-R) and SS Darrell Grigg (20-L).

Well, Bagley went to San Antonio with the 2nd pick, but Grigg was still there when we picked, which made me suspicious, but I went ahead an took him!

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Not near the haul of talent we got last year. Other than our 1st round pick, I don't think we got anyone who will make much of a difference. Hope I am wrong, though.

Time to get to work on the trade front!

Editor's Note:
I have decided to stick with my house rule enforcing 1 for 1 trades. So far, even though it has been frustrating not being able to get a lot of the players I wish I could and know I could without the restrictions, the rule has done its job of keeping me from trading my way to a quick title.
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