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Expansion Draft Issue

First I should note that I have not updated to the new version with the tab and the options for the expansion draft.

AFter I posted this I noted the same problem with Mario Lemieux

Moved from another forum:

Gretzky on 2 teams?

In my historical league Gretzky was a lifelong Baltimore player.

In 1990 I add Hampton Roads and Tampa as expansion teams.

Gretzky was apparently a free agent at the time.

On July 2 he is BOTH signed by Baltimore and Drafted by Hampton Roads in the expansion draft?

Did Baltimore sign and then not protect a 5 star Gretzky at 30 years old?

Why did it take until the 14th round for Hampton Roads to draft him?

Was the error that the July 2 signing was really by Hampton Roads after the expansion draft?

So the protection lists / expansion draft logic and / or a glitch in the game needs work?
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