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Brewers League Baseball (BLB) - Fictional, 50+ seasons, two openings, scouts, 20-80 scale and DH.

The BLB (Brewers League Baseball) is currently in its 52nd season in the year 2030. In general we don't have many openings but we happen to have two, the New Orleans Dukes and possibly one more.

We just passed the All-Star break and are looking for two dedicated owners to join now or in the off-season. This is our final season on OOTP18 before switching to 19 at the start of the off-season.

League Type:
- Fictional
- Sim Gaming Network - Brewers League Baseball
Special Rules/Features:
- Stats Lab SQL Utilities installed
- DH in both leagues
- Coaches and Scouts On
- 20-80 rating scale with overall ratings off
- Slack integration
- HoF voting (HoF members)
- Live playoff SIMs
Number of teams:
- 24 with 4 levels of minors (AAA, AA, A, R) plus NCAA/CCBL/HS feeder leagues.
Sim Schedule:
- Every other day
OOTP version:
- OOTP 18 (only for remainder of this season)
-OOTP 19 (required starting this off-season)

League HTML

League Forums

If interested please sign up in the forums and post in the BLB Application thread.


I'm not the commissioner but this is the best online league I've ever been apart of. The league has existed for 10+ years real time and 50+ seasons of history. It's normally quite a few seasons for openings but right now we are projected to have two available. It's a rare opportunity to join a really fun league of dedicated players.

Thanks for your interest.

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