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So what extra players are included the Spritze and Spritze-Gambo db’s? you may or may not be wondering. Here’s a breakdown:

(First number is the Spritze College-Age db, second number is Spritze-Gambo; if only one number then it is the same for both db’s.)

PCL Career Players – 2796, 2792
Includes about 250 players who debuted prior to 1900, and generally somewhere between 10 and 50 guys with debuts in each year after that thru 1957.

Career Minor Leaguers of Note – 80
These guys debuted in the mid-70’s and later; includes notables from other sports who also played baseball, such as John Elway, Ricky Williams, Jay Schroeder, Scott Burrell, and several others; also includes others plucked for various reasons, including Bobby Bonds Jr, Don Mattingly’s kids, some notable “busts” – 1st-round picks who never made the bigs.

American Minor-leaguers of Note – 382
Not sure how these guys were selected but I recognize some as coaches (who never made the bigs), and I’m guessing several others were selected because they were long-time minor-leaguers, but not as noteworthy as the ones above.

Coaches & Managers – 69
More coaches & managers who didn’t make the bigs. Some of the managers in here seem more-recognizable to me than the group above.

Foreign Born Minor-leaguers & Others - 69

19th Century Negro-Leaguers who didn’t play in the Majors – 55, 17
20th Century Negro-Leaguers who didn’t play in the Majors – 206

Japenese-League Pros
Born in Japan – 4304, 44
Born in USA – 103
Born in Taiwan – 33, 0
Born in S Korea – 7, 1
Born in Born in Dom Republic – 9
Born in other countries – 19, 16
Add’l Players born in Japan – 313, 0

Korean-League Pros
Born in S Korea – 1238, 0
Born in other countries – 5

78 Cubans are represented in all three databases (Spritze College-Age, Spritze-Gambo, and the OOTP db) as Negro Leaguers. Their debut dates will be different – significantly different (later) in the case of the OOTP db. These 78 are all guys who eventually played in the majors.

23 Cubans are guys who played in the 20th century and didn’t make the bigs. They can be found in the College-Age and Spritze-Gambo db, but not the OOTP one. They are part of the 206 20th Century Negro-Leaguers group above.

Nine Cubans are part of the Foreign-Born Minor-Leaguers group, four are part of the PCL Minor-Leaguers group, and two are part of the Japanese Pros Born in Other Countries group.

Disclaimer: My counts are just that, my counts. The real work is done by Spritze and Gambo and they would be the ultimate authority on any of this.

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