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League Totals = The raw ratios that go into the results engine (representing what the game thinks should happen in an average plate appearance, assuming ratings in the league are "normal")

League Totals Modifiers = Adjustments made to the raw ratios to account for rating variance from norm in this league

Auto-Calc = The game's process to determine new LTMs each year to account for natural ratings drift over time.


In the old days (to Sweed's point) we had only League Totals, and they were easy to configure if you could get your head around how they worked and why they worked this way. Today. if you set all LTM to 1.0 and no auto-calc, you still play this way (and an advantage--assuming you think it's an advantage--is that your players skillsets will create their own eras). The disadvantage is that you can get some runaway surges if you wind up with an era where ratings skew one way or another for awhile.

actionjackson's approach essentially does steps two and three by hand each year.

When you understand how this works, you should be able to understand why suddenly making all LTMs 1.0 (when they weren't before) can dramatically change stats output--you've essentially changed the environment the players are operating you've given them a juiced ball, or dropped the mound height, or ...

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