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BTW, this is an Historical Random Debut game, so if you see late 18th century/early 19th century guys with huge HR totals, that's the reason for it.

Batting Leaders and Pitching Leaders sorted by WAR. Keep in mind when looking at leaders in any category that the RL 2014 numbers were achieved in a 30 team league, while the league you're looking at has 16 teams. You have to adjust for that near 2:1 difference when looking at how many 30 HR hitters there were for example (RL: 11, this sim: 5, with 5 other dudes who hit 29). I play with OOTP Classic for injuries, and High Position Player fatigue because I find if I raise injuries any higher, entire pitching staffs will get wiped out, and if I lower the fatigue setting, waaay too many position players will have 155+ G, 650+ PA, and 600+ AB. I find it gives me a nice, happy medium. I also play with "Strict Rotation, Occasionally Highest Rested" to keep those extra durable 19th century pitchers from having crazy innings totals. YMMV
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