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Originally Posted by actionjackson View Post
I'm starting to think I'm going to have to start a thread that gets "stickied" in General Discussions on this topic. I think I've been in about six or seven different threads about this topic now. This is not me complaining or putting others down. This is me saying I think it would be helpful to have this information available for all to use as they see fit. With regards to PCMs, I suggest importing the 2014 PCMs, and leaving the box unchecked, so that they stay in 2014 ad-infinitum. For the rest, please see this post from this thread, and then fire away with your questions as to how this works. I use 1984, so you would do the same thing, except you'd be using 2014.
When you import 1984 every season, it is no different than checking the "Auto adjust LTM" box. You're just doing it manually, so the environment is still changing every season based on the ratings of the players.

I am wanting my LTM's to remain static and default(1.000) but the results are terrible. I don't know if the default PCM's for 2014(all 1.000) are inaccurate or if it's required that I auto adjust LTM's
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