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Here it is....

This was a challenge. Here is how I actually created this monster. It is difficult to have an odd number of teams in a division, add that to a league with an odd number of divisions as well as an odd number of teams in the league then you see the challenge I took on. It took me a while but I noticed something interesting. 4/5 teams play at a time in division. 4/5 divisions play in non-division weeks. I noticed that if I used 4 3game series 6H/6A that would be 48 games with each team also having a "Bye" I decided at that time that the team not playing in division would play interleague games. Worked out good because I wanted the team to play 4/5 of a division in the other league. This worked out nicely because 4x12=48 4x3=12 (interleague) This game me 60 games and I need 100 for the schedule. This gave me 40 games left and with each division having 5 teams I decided to go with 10 games against 2 divisions 10h/10A. This actually worked out great. I ended up with 2 series a week in the week I played division games and 3 series in the weeks that had non division games. This gave me 7 weeks division games with a 3 games series left over and 8 weeks non division with a 3 game series left . So all I did was go D-N-D-N (2 week break) N-(ND)-N-D. So the season started with division games and ended the same.

This schedule sounds perfect, but there is one thing that I don't like with it. It took me 17 times creating a main schedule until I realized there was a major limitation to the schedule. With onlyu 2 home or 3 home games a week it was difficult to have teams play long roadtrips or home series. With an interleague game each series it was hard to have two series match with either the home games or away games. So there are a lot of 3 game series. With every other week being non-division and the games were either all home or all away it basically "blocked" series from continuing either a home or away pattern. If you put the schedule in a spreadsheet in columns you will see the issue. What made this difficult is that there were very few total games played with almost as many division as non-division and a limited number of interleague to help make adjustments.

Overall, I feel that this was the most challenging schedule I have ever done and I am very satisfied by the way it turned out.... The only thing that makes me a bit sad is that not too many people would play a league this big with such a weird setup. I may now play one because I like how this turned out.

Well here are the 5 files for the rotation (to allow all teams to have interleague matchups with all divisions in the other league and to alter the non-division matchups.)
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