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I remember when I started a custom league, there are no trades in the first year at all. But once you get past the first season, trades will flood in quickly if the setting is too high. I have it just set at 25 or so, nothing too high but still gets a fair bit of action. As for the free agent problem, if none of the goalies will sign and you need one for a day, change a position player to goalie and then it'll let you move ahead. I had that happen to me where my goalie got hurt and I was stuck with only 1 goalie and couldn't sign anybody because it wouldn't move forward.

If you need free agents and it's a custom league but nobody shows on the list, check in other leagues, like the ECHL, FHL, etc. You should be able to offer contracts to those players if they don't belong to a team in your league already. That's how I've had to sign free agents usually when I needed them.
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