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Originally Posted by HockeyGuy View Post
Thanks for the help Cole, I really appreciate it.

I know I'm not at the contract maximum as I made sure to clear roster space. And when I right click the option to offer them a contract doesn't appear. I tried sorting by signable players in the free agency center and while a list pops up no one is interested in negotiation. And that's a problem because I am short a goalie and can't sign a backup and thus the game is basically stopped because my roster isn't filled properly. There are literally no goalies who want to sign with my team, which makes ZERO sense.
Can you start a new test game and see if you have this same issue?

Perhaps it's something finnicky with the league setup and the way things are set up... or a bug of some sort.

Try a different game with a different setup and see if you have the same problem.
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