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Originally Posted by HockeyGuy View Post
I am a newbie and I have a ton of questions about setting up a custom league, so please bear with me.
Hi! Welcome to the world FHM, glad to have you aboard.

I am looking to create a custom 28-team league with four divisions where the top four teams make the playoffs and the top team in each division plays the fourth-best team. How do I go about doing this?
Start up the fictional wizard and you will get to a page that has playoff options. The playoffs aren't completely customizable in FHM 2014, but you do have some options there to tweak to your liking.

Is it best to play an 82 or 52 game schedule?
Best in terms of what? That type of choice comes down to personal preference.

What does the “schedule playoffs” box mean?
That simply denotes whether you want to have playoffs in your league or not (versus a league just having a regular season and a champion decided that way).

What is a setting for the trade frequency? I tried setting up a league previously and there were zero trades despite having the setting at 25.
Again, would come down to personal preference. Try it at 50 or so and if that's still not enough trades, move it up again until you find what you like.

How many minor league teams can each NHL franchise have? And how do I go about setting this up?
You are able to set up one minor league team in a custom game through the fictional wizard.


How do I sign free agents? This still confounds me. I have both the roster and salary cap space and yet I cannot sign a free agent. What am I missing?
Go to the free agent screen, which is League Menu -- Free Agents, right click on a player and select "Offer new contract."

I'm assuming you have already tried this and it didn't work.. You can also go to filter and select 'signable' which will show those who are signable....

Additionally, when I try to recall some players from the minors it says I have to offer them a contract, but when I do a message pops up saying “You don’t own the league rights.” What does that mean and how do I correct this?
This is when trying to call a player up from your own minors? I'm not sure why that would be. Hopefully another user can help with that one.

Does that happen if you try to call up any minor league player?

Please let us know if you have further questions. Thanks.
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