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The first thing - I don't know if individual series or games can be played.

But a league of teams from different eras is really simple:

Create either a fictional or a historical league. Either way the things you need to do are make sure you play in "commissioner mode" and second decide what year it is going to be (in other words even if you have the 1927 Yankees, 1995 Braves etc. you still need for them to play in a year with the various settings of that year - 1947, 1956, 2013, 1871 whatever).

Once you have started the league, go immediately to the League Menu (ML) and click "League Setup" and then "Edit League Structure". Then click "Add Historical Team". You add the teams from the historical databse.obd which is in your "Stats" folder and then write in the year in the box that opens for adding a team and click "refresh team list" and then pick the team from that season you want to add. Repeat this process to add all your teams.

Then delete all the original teams from the league creation. This will make the players that were on them into free agents. You probably want to delete those so go back to ML Menu and click "Free Agents" and then "Delete All Free Agents" and now you should have only your historical all time great teams.
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