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Hey Warneke,

Yeah, you're definitely going to want to get in touch with us at the support ticket staff to resolve your account issue. Especially if it's incorrect and needs editing.
When you want to submit your ticket just use the register button that I've highlighted in the attachment. That'll let you set up your account for support tickets and then you should be able to send us the details and we'll work on it with the devs who run the accounts.

Attached Images

We are inundated with requests right now given all that's going on in the world and so many folks playing the game while stuck inside.
So it might take us a little longer than normal to get back to you. We're doing all we can to do so as soon as possible though. If you don't hear back in a few days, please feel free to send us a reminder.
Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!

Found a bug? Have a technical issue? Please post here and/or file a support ticket here.

Need to upload files for us to check out? Instructions can be found here.

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