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Originally Posted by JeffR View Post
OK, that's usually an indication that you don't have permission to write to the folder the games are saved in. That's a lot more common on PC's, but possible on a Mac.

If you start the game, then click on Settings and then Troubleshooting, then "Open Settings Folder", that'll open up a finder window with your game's data folder. Click on saved_games, then right-click (or CTRL-click) on it and select Get Info, then look at "Sharing & Permissions." It should show that the account you're currently on has "Read and Write" access to that folder; if it's something other than that, you need to click on it and change it back to Read and Write (you'll need administrator access to do that.) If you can't see your old saves at all, I'm guessing it may have been changed to "No Access", which would completely block your ability to access anything in that folder.
I have the same problem with PC.
But i dont have saved_games file, i only have "workshop_items_74746619" and "settings". I have tried to run the game with administrator rights but nothing.
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