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Weird situation, looking for help as to what happened

I wanted to create a fictional league, based on the MLB but with fictional players. Held the draft, wanted all created players between 14 - 24 years old, that went smoothly. Then I created 100 FAs, solid vets and some high price tag stars for teams to bid on. That went great as well.

Now something weird happened. There are a whole slew guys that are free agents, but aren't in the FA pool, with super inflated ratings.

Even weirder if I advance a day there's a secret draft, that I can't take part in, in which these players are drafted.

Not sure what I did to mess this up. Is there any easy way to delete them, or will I have to delete them one at a time?

They only show up in player search, not in the FA list or anywhere else I can find.

Edit - I can single them out using filters, but there's over 6k of them. What did I do wrong?

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