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Originally Posted by cavebutter View Post
1. On the players_career_batting _stats table, there is a field called split_id, and it effectively breaks a player's season into different records. In most cases, the player is on the same team in the same year for these splits. My question is, how do I interpret these splits? What do they mean?
The split_id field defines the scope of the data and is slightly different depending on the table. The batting and pitching tables both use 1 to define regular season stats.

1 - Regular Season Totals
2 - Regular Season Vs LH
3 - Regular Season Vs RH
21 - Postseason

The fielding table uses 0 for regular season stats and doesn't give you any other splits.

Originally Posted by cavebutter View Post
2. Where can I find players' historical salaries? The players_contract table seems to only show the values for their current contracts.
You can't. OOTP doesn't export historical salaries.
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