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Originally Posted by RedMachine33 View Post
Is it possible and how would one set up a historical game with fictional players?

It sounds a little odd, but what I am wanting to do is take advantage of all of the options/features of historical play such as team debuts, expansion, eras, rule changes, etc. but do so with completely game generated fictional players.

I've grown a bit weary of playing with the same old faces every time I start a new historical game and I feel like fictional players could breathe some new life into the game for me. Most of the guys coming in a young guys rather than at their prime seems like it could make things interesting as well.
Pick your starting point and download that season using the Historical game setup wizard. Select whether you want to have minor league and what levels. If you want the game to auto expand according to history select that option. Also select the option for the game to import financials according to history. Create your league.

Then you want to release all the real players from their teams making them free agents. Make sure you're in Commish Mode. Go to the Free Agent view. Select delete all free agents. This gets rid of all the real players.

Then you can select the option to fill teams with fictional players. Selecting this option from your MLB level will fill the Major League teams roster, 25 players. You can also go to each level of minors and fill them as well. Or just release the first 25 and schedule a inaugural draft. Fill rosters again, wash and repeat until you have the desired number of player available for your draft.

Hold your draft and you are ready to roll. Oh yeah, remember to uncheck the box for import real rookies and to set the number of rounds you want your draft to include. Since you're playing fictional, you can have your draft during the season. No longer important that you keep it in November.

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