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Here's a quick update on my Keys to Success after the first three sims:

-Youth Hasn't Been Served: Only one of my young hitters (2B Gutierrez) has hit well. Everybody age 30 and under has played terribly with most of them posting a sub-.700 OPS. 1B Thompson, age 31, has been a stud.

-The Subpar Play of Alfredo Gallegos: Among the hitters who aren't hitting is C Gallegos. He has a .593 OPS and was just dropped to the 9th spot in the order. I would bench him but his backup has been worse in limited action.

-Bullpen Plays Nice: They're playing nicely with each other but they're playing horribly on the field. My team is 10-11 right now. Three of the losses have been by my starters. Eight have gone to the bullpen. Of those eight, six of gone to my setup man and closer. I'm willing to chalk this up to small sample size. There aren't many moves to make, so I really just have to hope for the best.

-The Back Does Match the Front: The back of the rotation has pitched well enough, especially #4 SP Vasquez. Once I realized there weren't many days off, I quickly adopted a five man rotation and it's worked pretty well.

-Non-solo non-homers: We've been getting people on base at a semi-decent rate so we haven't had a problem with solo homers. The problem has been a lack of homers altogether. We're 9th in HRs, so maybe I shouldn't complain, but this team was built for power. We should be higher than 9th in HRs and 13th in runs scored.

We're still 10-11 despite all of these issues. Straighten out a few of them and we could contend.
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