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I only play the game as an expansion team.

I enjoy the look of the 32 team league. I too used to have four divisions in each league. I have since moved to just four divisions of eight teams each. Top two from each division make the play-offs.

I found (for me) that this works best for getting the teams with the best records in to the post-season. It is not perfect but seems to be far better then having eight divisions. Over time in the eight division mode, I often found one division ending up with a .500 or less team going to the play-offs.

I also use the large four division format because it gives a little more semblance to the geographical locations of the teams with-in each division.

Finally, I like it because each division looks old school 1940's, 1950's style when there was the American League and the National League with no divisions!

For me, playing with an expansion team is the most challenging way to go. If playing with a smaller market team and keeping trades with-in reason (no rip offs) it can take quite a while to build a winner. OOTP 14 has made significant AI improvements in relation to roster management (no more 4 star puppies passing through the waiver wire). I currently have the Expos back in Montreal. I am at the end of year 3 and looking at another 60-70 win season. Some of my 'great' moves I made have not panned out which has really pissed me off and is why I love this game. Year 5 is when I expect to contend.
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