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Originally Posted by nyy26wc View Post
My question is the expansion draft. When you went from 30 to 32, how many players did you let each team protect? Did you set any limits on how many players each team can lose?

It just feels to me that limiting teams to protecting 15 players is just too few. Did you change that?

Also, what was the projected W-L records for the expansion teams, in the preseason picks, under whichever expansion draft settings you chose?
I went with 18 protected players in the draft, I got it from another thread:

"2. Set expansion draft for two new teams. I set it at 18 protected, less than three years of service, max players lost at 3. I tried to make it like the MLB Expansion Draft of 1998 that had 15, 18, and 21 protected players in the 1st, second, and third rounds respectively by setting to the average of 18."

About your second question:

Pre-season 2014 prediction in my game after expansion draft

Current ML standings after 85 games.

New Jersey Jackals first season team (which I manage):

I decided to keep the wild card, for now.

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