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Originally Posted by nyy26wc View Post
I'm also planning on having some expansion. I'm considering expanded one of my worlds to 32 teams for 2014. I also hate the wild card and having 8 divisions of 4 lets me get rid of that monstrosity.
Personally, I think 4-team divisions are a bigger monstrosity than the wild card. A 4-team division is fine for the minors, but this is the majors we're talking about. A 4-team division is too small: it doesn't provide enough variety of opponents, it's too easy for one team to dominate, and finding the right balance of games between divisional and non-divisional opponents is problematic.

For me, the perfect division size is 6 teams. Not too large, and not too small. (Unfortunately, 6 does not divide evenly into 32.)
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