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I'm also planning on having some expansion. I'm considering expanded one of my worlds to 32 teams for 2014. I also hate the wild card and having 8 divisions of 4 lets me get rid of that monstrosity.

I'm also starting a 2nd league where, in order to not have a problem with talent overflow, I plan on expansion from 30 teams in 2013 to 40 teams over the course of a decade. I plan on adding 2 teams for 2014, then 4 to the AL in 2017 and 4 to the NL in 2020. At least that's my tentative plan. I have to run tests to see exactly how things work out before I let the league go live.

My question is the expansion draft. When you went from 30 to 32, how many players did you let each team protect? Did you set any limits on how many players each team can lose?

It just feels to me that limiting teams to protecting 15 players is just too few. Did you change that?

Also, what was the projected W-L records for the expansion teams, in the preseason picks, under whichever expansion draft settings you chose?
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