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Originally Posted by SandMan View Post
Releasing the player might not matter to the budget. You will still have to pay his salary due in his contract. Your only option is to trade some of your higher paid veterans for some young talent. You may lose in the beginning, but you will have more budget space in the future. Also, arbitration can kill a budget. Sometimes it is best to let the player go or try offering a salary lower than the expected and see if he signs for the lower salary. What I usually do when I cannot get a player to sign a decent contract through arbitration is to trade him for a cheaper player. Again you will lose short term but have more budget space in the future.
The reasoning you give makes sense.

I would love to trade the player, was in process of trading player, then player had season ending injury. Player will not be back until Spring Training sometime. I picked up his replacement, by trade in preseason/Spring Training of this year, for when his contract ended next year. Currently in September, 2 weeks left in regular season. I can't see anyone making a deal for this player, for one year blind, since he will not be back until March. He is currently the 4th highest paid player on roster, next year 3rd highest.

The arbitration I am concerned about comes from 3 players with combined increase of 10.7 million currently. 2 of the 3 players are arbitration estimates from 350k currently to over 4 million. Releasing the 3 players is not an option, 2 are 27 years old, and the third is 24. The 24 year old has the biggest potential increase, but he has been an everyday player since I took the team over, at start of season 3 years ago. One of the 27 year olds has been an everyday player since I took over 3 years ago. This year was a breakout season for him. The other 2 seasons were not bad though. The other 27 year old player was acquired in a trade I made earlier this season. He was acquired to shore up my pitching rotation. I overpaid to get him, and he has excelled being on a good team.

I know I come across as being stubborn. For that I apologize. The only thing I know for sure about the offseason is that the injured player will most likely be released. I am not worried about that. I made 23 million last year, but this year because I raised player development by at least 300%, I stand to lose 5-10 million. I stand to make playoffs, should win division. Possibly #1 W/L in the team for 2nd possibly 3rd year in a row. I currently am estimating being 13 million, probably more if budget goes down, over budget next year. I know I will need to move the injured player, probably release player. Since I am estimated to be over budget next year whether or not I release the injured player, I figure I will not be able to offer contracts to the arbitration players. Is that a fair assessment? I base that assessment on the fact I can not offer extensions now being over budget. Does the player development and scouting money matter in offseason? Would being over budget matter in the offseason if I was below the salary cap? When I move the injured player I will be below the salary cap next season.
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