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Originally Posted by TGH-Adfabre View Post
It largely depends on how much cash you have.
Is the team profitable? Are you spending cash reserves from before you took over?
Cap and budget are important but if you have cash you can take hits when cutting players.
This is my experience at least.
I appreciate the answer. I probably am going to cut the player in question, that's not an issue. I think I have more than 2x the amount of money needed to do so. My concern about the budget is, right now, I can not make any offers to any player currently on my team. Not being able to offer the 2 FA players contracts, I can accept because of the budget issue for next year. I would be straight adding expenses to the team for the following year(s). However, if I try to offer any of the 3 arbitration eligible players a new contract starting next season. The owner rejects the offer based on being over budget.This is the case no matter how low I go with the offer. If/when I release the player in question, I will still be over budget. That's why I asked about would the budget go down.
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