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Season Ticket Baseball 2003 To 6.5

Hi everyone. I know this is way back, but I have a question about Season Ticket Baseball 2003. I started out with the original Season Ticket Baseball in 2001, and bought version 2003 afterwards. Iíve actually been playing since 2001 (amazingly) doing a sim by myself with one team year after year. I also play OOTP 6.5 on the side, and Iím in an online league for that.. I was wondering, is there any way I can transfer my Season Ticket Baseball 2003 team to OOTP? I donít know why I havenít looked into this option before, perhaps I just assumed it wasnít possible? From what Iíve read Season Ticket Baseball 2003 was OOTP version 4?

I apologize if this is in the wrong board... I don't know if this is quite "technical", but I didn't feel right about sending a tech support email (trouble ticket) with this general question either...

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