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I'm posting this for our league Cato keeper, who's on vacation...

We just finished the 2012 season (running 6.51 since 2010), and he said that when he sat down to update Cato after the year he ran into the problem of Catobase wanting to close out a bunch of existing players and create new, duplicate player pages for them (with just the 2012 stats). It's apparently over 100 players, so this isn't an isolated thing, and we've tried everything we can to figure out some common thread among them all (i.e., they were all 2012 free agents, they all got released this year, they were all 2012 draftees, etc.). But there just isn't one.

We've done Catobase with the 6.51 database before without problems, so I don't think it's an issue of converting with the new software.

Anyone ever have this problem come up before where Cato wanted to close the books on existing players who hadn't retired? If so, how'd you fix it?
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