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Originally Posted by MrWorkrate
The current instructions set up show how to use Cato with a league running 6.51. I currently have a previous season saved at the end of the season (not yet flipped) that was run in 6.5a. I don't believe installing 6.51 will do anything with this league (since it just basically overwrites the OOTP65.exe file), so the info is still based in 6.5a.

I guess the questions are 1) am I wrong in thinking that the league would still "believe" that it's in 6.5a instead of 6.51 since I can't advance a day or sim anything without flipping the season, and 2) if it is being treated like 6.5a, would you be able to put those instructions back on the website?
MrWorkrate, if I understand correctly, here's what you do.

1. Install 6.51 if it's not already.
2. Backup your old league file, just to be sure.
3. Open your old league file in 6.51, save and quit
4. Go through all of the cato steps listed here.

Honestly, 6.51 and cato should handle your "older" league file fine. I just suggested step 3 just to make sure. I think you'll be fine.
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