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I know Skywalker asked a similar question, but I wanted to get some clarification on an issue.

The current instructions set up show how to use Cato with a league running 6.51. I currently have a previous season saved at the end of the season (not yet flipped) that was run in 6.5a. I don't believe installing 6.51 will do anything with this league (since it just basically overwrites the OOTP65.exe file), so the info is still based in 6.5a.

I guess the questions are 1) am I wrong in thinking that the league would still "believe" that it's in 6.5a instead of 6.51 since I can't advance a day or sim anything without flipping the season, and 2) if it is being treated like 6.5a, would you be able to put those instructions back on the website?
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