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Originally Posted by battists

Can you give me a little more detail on this? I thought this was an issue too, so was manually adding the rows, but once I went to 6.5b I tried importing a season without touching the trades, and despite no blank after the trade, everything seems to have imported fine.

How can I test to see whether it's adversely impacting the data?

Apologies. Don't mean to answer for SandMan. Nobody can speak to the issue like he can, but the absence of the blank won't prevent or hinder the import in anyway necessarily. However, it will alter the data. Here is the most recent, IIRC, response to examining the problem with no blank included - starting at post 35 in this thread:

In any event, it is my sincere hope that Markus will address this as a part of the final designation of the patch as official, albeit he has no obligation to do so.
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