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A little disappointment

Just set up my fictional MLB world with full minor leagues. I also included a Indy league (based in the upper mid west - and set up as a Major League with lower equ. numbers) as well as another Major League based in Iowa with 4 levels of minors (and lowered creation and ML equivs).

The game handled everything well. It even created smaller stadiums in the Indy League and smaller stadiums in the Iowa league, but when I checked out the minor leagues of Iowa, their stadiums were bigger - similar to MLB AAA levels rather than smaller than the Iowa ML which were for the most part 1000 cap. stadiums.

I am running with it allthough I am a detail person who doesn't have time to change capacities in 60/450 stadiums even if I really want to. BTW, It is really hard to be patient waiting for the game to scroll through all the stadiums (and really for that part, the countries take a lot of time to get through). I wish they were at least in order by level.

Just had to vent - it took me bits and pieces of time over the week to set it up, but I am, for the most part, happy and will play it for a while.
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