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CSV Issues - Missing Information, Spelling Mistakes

In player_ratings.csv can the column for Stamina(goalies) be renamed Goalie Stamina, currently it is named Stamina, and is the same name as the player Stamina column. Which can cause issues when trying to place the csv into any type of database.

player_skater_career_stats_po.csv shows the wrong leagueid for all players. Other career stat csvs are showing it correctly.

player_skater_career csvs are missing Points, Powerplay Points, and Short Handed Points columns, also the naming of columns is very different between career csvs and current season csvs. It would also be nice if it showed advanced stats, such as PDO, Corsi (On/Off/Rel), Fenwick (On/Off/Rel), GA60, SF60, SA60.

player_skater_stats.csv doesn't show SOG(Shots on Goal), TOI(Time On Ice), PPTOI, or SHTOI. It would be nice if it showed advanced stats too, such as PDO, Corsi (On/Off/Rel), Fenwick (On/Off/Rel), GA60, SF60, SA60.

schedules.csv shows completed game scores but not if the game went to a shootout or OT

player_goale_stats.csv has a couple spelling mistakes, minutes spelled minuted and losses is spelled loses
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