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Quite a few sets I'll eventually need to get from this thread, I think. But I don't know how soon that may be here, unfortunately.

I took a long look at just how much space Out of the Park Baseball 18 and its related directories/folders/files may currently be taking up on my laptop's hard drive, stopping at above 140-160 GB, even though they probably take at least a bit more space than that on it, which is around a third of the total hard drive space on this computer, if not more than a third. I apparently have about 140 GB free at the moment on a drive of about 453 GB, if memory serves. I'm not sure how much I have in image-related files, but it must certainly be quite a lot, I'm sure, and that's just for the logos, uniforms, and cap sets, at least, of course.

I unfortunately won't likely be able to upgrade my laptop computer in a major way any longer, either. So space may eventually be at a premium for it, if I'm not careful enough or something, I think.

Plus, seeing as I'm a writer, I may fill much more space with various files related to any number of my writing projects, for example. And I don't think I have a lot of available thumb drives to put a lot of files for various programs and things on, either, as well.

But I'll still try and grab what I can from these forums, for sure, to put on my laptop computer, if and when possible and all, I think. Keep up the great work, in any case, as best as you can, I hope. CD out.
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