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Originally Posted by JaBurns View Post
This going to be a great read, could you please explain your setup in more detail?

As for setup I did a historical league with full minors enabled starting with 1894 season. I chose not to import complete history so anyone who retired prior to 1894 would not show up in leaderboards.

All settings were default in initial league creation except I turned off the amateur draft so the vast majority of players would go to the organization they really debuted with. 3 year ratings recalculate without double-weighting current year. Everything else was default.

Reason I selected 1894 was explained in my tutorial to add minor leagues for the first couple of decades from 1901 on. The 1894 start is to let the pool of players build up so I can add a new minor league each year until I had the 7 leagues I wanted up and running by 1901.

The 7 leagues were American Association, International League(named Eastern League originally), Southern Association, New England League, Western League, Pacific Coast League and the Northwestern League.

I would fold these leagues out as I moved towards 1930 and more minors appeared or when the game created version of the league began. The tutorial is a sticky at the top of this sub-forum.

From there I turned on the almanac for MLB so I would have World Series boxscores and all the other info I wanted and just let the game run until I reached 1965.

Let me know if you want any more details

Originally Posted by JaBurns View Post
Has any team finished with a worse record than 49-113?
Yes, the Pirates of 1950 were actually 49-105 (154 game schedule) and they don't crack the leaderboard for losses.

The National League expansion Houston Colt 45s lost 117 games in 1962 with a 162 game schedule. The 154 game schedule record in the NL is 107 losses for the 1935 Dodgers. Overall the record belongs to the 1956 Kansas City A's, who went 37-117 while the 1927 White Sox were only 1 game better.

The '56 A's finished 64 games behind the first place Yankees in their second season since moving from Philadelphia. In 1955, the new KC club was nearly as bad, going 49-105.

The A's franchise was the class of the league in the early days, as they won 16 pennants and 10 World Series in the 18 year period beginning with 1896. The last of the franchise's 13 World Championships was in 1939 and the team has been awful since moving to the Midwest - finishing dead last 12 times in 13 years going back to 1953.

There is great hope for the near future for the club as Catfish Hunter, Rollie Fingers, Bert Campaneris, Rick Monday, Joe Rudi and Sal Bando are all either on the team or in the system.
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