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History of Baseball - OOTP19 version

Pretty well every year going all the way back to OOTP2 I have done some sort of historical sim dynasty and this year with OOTP19 upon us will be no different. What will change is I am going to post it in the historical section instead of the dynasty board. The main reason I am posting it here is I want a major focus of this dynasty to be on sharing different ideas or tips as well as comparing results from the many replays we all do. A big part of the sharing on my end was providing the step by step instructions to add additional minor leagues for the 1901-1930 time frame. I used this approach in this dynasty to give a lot of the the pre-1930 Negro and minor leaguers a place to play.

I am trying something a little different for me in this replay and that is thanks to some of the things I have read in this sub-forum. I am going to use the 3 year recalculate option for really the first time in any of my sims. It is a bit of a change for me as I have always preferred to strictly use the gameís development engine because I want different career arcs. One of the great things about this game is there are so many different ways to play. I know on the historical side many swear by as-played lineups and strive for great accuracy in their results as compared to real life. There is nothing wrong with that but for me it wasnít what I was looking for. Yes, I want fairly realistic totals as I canít have Joe Hauser hit 1000 homers, but if he approaches 500 for his career I could live with that...and that happened in one of my early replays which caused me to research in pretty good detail Hauserís career and life. That is the joy in the game for me. If everyone performed as they did in real life I might as well just scour the pages of baseball reference with no need to play the game. Instead I find myself longing to learn more about the player when someone like Frank Snook has a great year or career in one of my sims.

Thanks to previous versions of my annual sim I now know about Mahlon Higbee, the tragic end to Walt Lerianís life and I am probably the only person in the world whoís favorite all time baseball player is Cliff Markle. Markle, whoís photo is my avatar, became a legend to me after an amazing career in an early version of my old History of Baseball replays despite winning just a dozen games in real life over a 5 season major league career. He is not the only little known player to capture my attention and with the addition of the Negro Leagues and minors to OOTP there are so many more.

For example I did not know that former Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney was a minor league pitcher until my OOTP18 replay when he became a decent major league hurler for several seasons. Or how many knew about Negro League player Jack Hannibal? A boxer who moonlighted as a baseball player, Hannibal made history in my sim last year after joining Oscar Charleston in breaking the MLB color barrier 25 years before Jackie Robinson when the two outfielders jumped from the rebel Federal League to the New York Giants.

In most previous sims I would focus heavily on early decades and rarely have much attention devoted to later years. I want to change that so this replay I quick simmed until 1965 and will pick up the story from there but with plenty of time devoted to looking back at the first 65 years as well.
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