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Originally Posted by Kushiel View Post
It helps our volunteer stat compilers tremendously when identifying our teams quickly in both the standings with the OL and the schedule with the +. That little thing makes it much faster for them so that they can move on to something else more quickly whether it is their own team in PT or the matters of life that we all face daily with work and family. I never pictured having it on my teams but I do. Why do I? Because it is a small thing for them to ask of us. OCD is no excuse; people suffering from it can adjust with effort. I have it so badly that I cannot drive because I get lost counting the stripes on the highway to make sure it is the same number as the last trip. The furniture cannot ever be rearranged in the house. It drives my wife crazy because I know exactly how many dishes of each kind in the cabinet. All the canned goods etc. in the pantry have to be facing exactly forward. The clothes in the closet must have the exact same spacing between hangers. That's enough listing to give you OCD sufferers the idea that you are not alone.

If they don't want to put the -OL next to their names then they can volunteer to do the stats.

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