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Originally Posted by joehart View Post
I just get the feeling that whatever I suggest it going to get an argument for the sake of not adding an identifier for the league into the team name.

…...I won't try to help and ask for it anymore.
Nah, you are not at fault. It's me being picky and stubborn. And I have not thought about the perspective you just mentioned(not a family man personally so it's a perspective I rarely put myself in).

Originally Posted by Argonaut View Post
Last time I checked PT, a bunch of people were listing Gold Robin Ventura for 30k and not getting any bites. Me and Puppies seemed to have hit the peak Ventura market. But anyway it proves the theory that many people read these forums silently and act on what they see. I won't post about a player unless doing so won't affect what I want to do.

I wonder what Gold Frank Thomas is going for? I should have kept those 6 or 7 cards I had. I could have set the market price and booked an early retirement on the ensuing PP haul.
Wished I have your influence. I would be trolling real hard and give random players random prices and play them like puppets...then on the 14th time I actually said what I wanted for real, and they would not believe me.

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