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Originally Posted by AEWHistory View Post
This is great info, thanks. I don't think I realized, historically, how game-changing the Shanahan and Stevens situation was. I guess I should've being a Devils fan, but I just never put it all together until you wrote it up like this. That's awesome.

I was wondering about why it always said "no compensation" for players when I was swimming. Now I totally get it. The more I play the more I like the decisions the designers have made. Yea, the game could use tweaks (what game couldn't?) but for the second iteration of FHM this sim is excellent.

As an aside, the tool tips are wonderful and I'd like to see more if possible. This is a possible area where a tooltip might help. An explanation like what Adam just wrote, popping up somewhere, about compensation would save peeps like myself wondering about certain things. The only downside I can think of is with the game changing so much I can understand why you don't want to write in too many explanations for things that will change, but I figured I'd put this out there as a thought.

EDIT: I. just realized I had a question. Does this mean that compensation isnt/won't be simulated at all for the historical mode? Or am I misreading your post?
I hate my iPad autocorrect! That was supposed to be SIMing not swimming.....
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