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Since this thread as been revived I hope some new OOTP players find cephasjames' work and use it.

I can testify to how great mod this has everything you need to pkay out the entire fictional history of baseball and it is SO well done.....I am playing a fictional-historical league right now but being able to use cephasjames' mod to follow how the MLB progressed historically without having to use real MLB teams is awesome!!!

Here's why, I play as GM only and I can be (and have been) fired. Well if I played with real-life teams I would be in trouble because I could never see myself cheering for let alone "working" for the Chicago Cubs BUT I can be ok with getting hired by the Chicago Athletes........there's no pre-conceived notions about a franchise that often times hurts my immersion.

Don't know if I am getting what I want to convey across very well.
Suffice it to say I LOVE this mod, use it is EVERY career I start and would not play OOTP without it.
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