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Originally Posted by Snoblitz View Post
After finally realizing that there is pretty much no useful way to provide a quickstart for a league with this much depth and history, I kicked off the manual progression of the universe over the weekend.

After spending 15+ hours playing over the past two days, I just wanted to drop and say thank you for all the work you put in to this, Cepha. I can see that progressing this universe and building my own unique history of players and teams is going to be the best time I've had playing solo in the 14 years that I've played OOTP. Thank you so much for providing this framework! It's amazing.

Also, I thought you might like to see the current king of my universe. He won 10 straight pitcher of the year awards after non-stop domination. When he was setup to win his 10th straight, I thought it necessary to name the award after him, in honor of his achievement. I highly doubt that any player in history will be as dominating as he has been over his career. As I've said, I've been playing OOTP for 14 years now, and have never seen a pitcher quite as good in his era.
Thanks for kind words. I'm glad you're enjoying it! I love how stories are written even with just stats and awards and how seeing someone perform so greatly that it leaves no other logical choice but to name an award after him. That's what I love about baseball and what I love about OOTP and how it can create such wonderfully rich worlds. Thanks for sharing.

EDIT: From personal experience, I suggest backing this world up a lot. Many times I have missed a detail here or there when manually progressing things that I have completely ruined my world and felt I needed to start over.

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